Demon of the Darkhold

Even at first inspection, you can gain the sense that this man is but a single hair away from snapping at all times...

Nazarus oen Angelus

Ignorantia sit beatitudo...

Nazarus is a man suspended in time. All he knows are the months leading to the Calamity, which he clings with a frenzied desperation, unwilling- or perhaps unable- to accept the changing Eorzean stage. His disconnect from reality is maddening, but maddening most of all to himself.



Nazarus Angelus




29th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon


Half-blooded Garlean




Unhinged laughter

Marital Status

Single, never married







Patron Deity

That's a good joke!





Faded brown, mid-length


Frigid, icy blue with pinholes for pupils




5fm, 10im


Sturdy, rigid

Distinguishing Features

There is a deep scar crossing the bridge of his nose. His gaze is intense and unsettling.


Tends to favor dark clothing with gold trim.

Common Accessories



Positive Traits

Charismatic, resolute, sharp

Neutral Traits

Pertinacious, nescient, unsettling

Negative Traits

Intense, unhinged, bloodthirsty


Nazarus enjoys magitek, weaponry, combat, and chess.

Diskiles & Fears

Nazarus dislikes (and possibly fears?) being given new information that conflicts with his own understandings.
And, of course, standard fare of Garlean contempt: those touched by the Echo, beastmen, eikons, and religion.


Nazarus's motives are strange and nefarious; that much one can tell from what little information he reveals. He does not conceal the fact he is Garlean, and will speak his name and title with pride.


  • Nazarus's gaze is intense and needle-sharp, his laughter is all but unsettling, and his movements are jarring and inhuman.

  • His understanding of reality is out of touch at best. He seems stuck in an era past. If any attempt is made to bring him up to speed, he rejects it quite zealously.

  • He is an adaptive fighter that can functionally use any weapon he picks up.


Crazy Eyes

Nazarus is liable to stare unflinchingly at anything (or anyone) that captures his interest.

Questionable Motives

Nazarus is clearly after something specific... But what?

Demon of the Darkhold

Any survivors of the VIIth Legion who were in active duty shortly before the Calamity would recognize Nazarus as the "Demon of the Darkhold," the ruthless bane of the voidsent who'd come crawling out of the depths of Dzemael.

Getting a Grip

Nazarus may not be beyond help, but finding what will get through to him won't be an easy feat.

Writer's Notes

The Beginning

  • Nazarus was born to a pure-blooded Garlean father and his assimilated wife. From the beginning, he was groomed and brainwashed to become a soldier, and his household was often quite militaristic and utilitarian (more so than most Garlean families). By the time he was a young adult, he would enlist proper and became a furiously dedicated and staunch soldier of the VIIth Legion.

  • Before going insane, Nazarus was quite stoic, with the occasional show of charisma and wit.

  • His bloodthirsty efficiency in dispatching the voidsent that would come crawling out of the depths of Dzemael earned him the epithet "Demon of the Darkhold."

The Dissonance

Nazarus's head is stuck within the events that took place shortly before the Calamity, the year 1572.

  • He still considers himself a soldier of the VIIth Legion.

  • Solus yae Galvus is still emperor, though it is well known his condition is deteriorating. Nazarus knows nothing of any civil wars or unrest.

  • Gaius van Baelsar/the Black Wolf is still Legatus of the XIVth Imperial Legion, and was tasked with consuming all of Eorzea beneath the Garlean banner, though the invasion was postponed due to the emperor's favor of destroying Eorzea and the eikon threat with it.

  • Ala Mhigo is still occupied by the XIVth Legion, and Gaius is still its Imperial Viceroy.

  • Zenos yae Galvus is Legatus of the XIIth Legion, who is off occupying Doma.

  • Varis zos Galvus (Varis yae Galvus at that point) is only High Legatus of an unknown legion, having never taken the throne or been murdered in cold blood by his own son.

  • He is eternally preparing for the descent of the lesser moon Dalamud, despite it being nowhere to be found in the sky.

  • He is awaiting orders from Nael van Darnus/the White Raven, who is now deceased.

  • Nazarus was present for the Battle of Carteneau, though he does not remember it or the events immediately leading to it. He can recall a hurried reassignment from the Darkhold to be stationed elsewhere to aid in the efforts of Project Meteor.

  • He likely recalls brief flashes of his trials in Mor Dhona that he writes off as nothing of importance.

The Missing Pieces

  • Nazarus aided in the construction of Castrum Novum (what is now rebuilt as Castrum Centri by Gaius post-Calamity).

  • His faith was shaken after learning of the demise of VII's Legatus and his displays of eikon-like power, but he continued to fight with ferocity against the Alliance's forces.

  • Unfortunately he had only realized something was gravely wrong after the moon began to break apart like an egg. Unnerved to his very core by what was not a moon and most certainly a prison, he began to flee.

  • An able-minded Nazarus's guess is as good as any how he managed to survive Ground Zero of the Calamity. But he miraculously came to, beaten body tossed across the battlefield. His uniform was burned and shredded beyond all recognition, and he was able to seek succor as a soldier who had lost his memory. Which... wasn't a lie. He was new as the day he was born, and the recollections of his Legion's mission to bring Dalamud upon Eorzea would come back to him with time. Tragic enough, his realization that Project Meteor was never as it seemed never returned to him.